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Mobile Apps for Dentists

“There’s an app for that.” As of 2012, there exists over 550,000 apps for smartphones and tablets. While we think of Angry Birds, Google Maps, and Facebook we often forget that there are thousands of business and productivity apps that help us streamline our own workplace. Below are a few of the popular apps to help you and your patients.

ePocrates Rx — ePocrates Rx is a free mobile clinical Imagereference library, which includes a drug guide, formulary information, and drug interaction checker. This product also includes free continual updates and medical news. The product is also available in versions that include information on disease diagnosis, including images, diagnostic tests, insurance codes, alternative medicines, and a medical dictionary for prices ranging from $99 to $199 per year. ePocrates Rx is a great clinical reference for quickly accessing information regarding drugs, adult and pediatric dosage information, interactions, and contraindications. The information is always current and accessible instantly. http://www.epocrates.com/mobile/iphone/rx

Lexi-Dental Complete — Lexi-Comp’s Lexi-Dental Complete app is a full library of dental resources, which includes drug/herb/food information and effects, over 5,000 color images of numerous dental procedures and conditions, patient resources, information on laboratory and diagnostic procedures, a dental office emergency handbook, natural product information, Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, and numerous other resources to make diagnoses quicker and figure Imageout treatment methods more easily. The application can be downloaded for free with a 30-day free trial. An annual subscription costs $285.

One caveat, however: each subscription works on one device only. http://webstore.lexi.com/Lexi-DENTAL-COMPLETE

iRomexis comes from Planmeca and serves as a handy way of examiningImage and sharing both 2D and 3D images from Planmeca X-Ray systems. The iRomexis app makes it easy to view images for patient consultations and collaboration with other dental professionals.

The app works in conjunction with the Planmeca Romexis desktop software and gives immediate access to rich, detailed images to help you with your patients. If your practice already uses Planmeca products, you should check out the app. http://www.planmeca.com/en/dental_software/planmeca_iromexis_mobile

MedsImagecape — Medscape from WebMD is the No. 1 downloaded free medical app in 2010. The app includes information on drugs, OTCs, and herbals, drug interactions, diseases and conditions, procedures and protocols, along with expert panel tips. Download from the App store on your iPhone or iPad.

Dental Care HD is more for patients, especially those with kids. The app has a fun design and is intended to introduce people to basic tips and tricks on brushing, flossing, and overall dental health and hygiene.Image

Besides the basics, this app touches on topics like tooth whitening products and nutrition for good oral health. The app’s layout and presentation are set up so that it works for all ages. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dental-care-hd-beauty/id486378401?mt=8

Dental Care HD costs $0.99 in the App Store and works on both the iPhone and iPad.

DDS GP — DDS GP is an app that was developed to assist dental professionals in presenting diagnoses and treatment plans to patients to help them gain a complete understanding of required and proposed treatment. The application’s library contains a series of presentations that span all topics in dentistry. The app allows for drawing, as well as customizing plans for individual patients. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dds-gp/id386704683?mt=8